It’s a magic, the magic of idea latent in seed, encapsulated in the mind of a person that plant the seed and waiting.

For a leaf. And one more leaf. Making the way up, to join earth and light water and worm to nature.

The feeling of first germination is amazing, to see seed send a tiny line of root to the water, and extract leafs out, is memorable experience.

 The hydroponic is a new method of growing plants, providing all the plant need to grow - water, light, air, fertilizer and platform. The platform is the medium we use to grow the plant, it can be a water, and it can be an air or gravel. Any medium that the plant can get “food”. 
By doing this we can control the exact amount of each component and achieve a great result.

Think of growing your own tomato getting higher quality, no spraying, with the pleasure of growing 

The seeds at the begining
The seeds at the begining
and today
And today